UdSU degree programmes


Degrees awarded




Candidate of Science

Langauge of instruction


Need to learn Russian?



Bachelor programmes: 4-5 years

Specialist programmes: 5-6 years

Master programmes: 2 years

Post-graduate school: 4 years




Mixed mode

Admission requirements

Russian proffeciency: B1+

Proof of previous education level

Entrance examinations (or their equivalent)

Academic calendar

1st semester: 01 September - 30 December

Winter examination session: 10-25 January

2nd semester: 01 February - 30 May

Summer examination session: 01-30 June

Admission paths

by taking part in RF government scholarship contest

End of November

by taking UdSU entrance examinations


by taking part in UdSU academic contest (Olympiad)


Steps to admission


Link to online application form will be available on our site since 1 March, 2022.
March 1 – July 11 or
September 30 (self-funded students only)

Take entrance examinations

Official list of entrance examinations. Examinations are held online on the MOODLE platform. You will get a link via e-mail.
• 04-15 April 2022
• 01-15 June 2022
• 12-30 July 2022
• August and September (self-funded students only)

Collect and submit the required documents

Send us the scans of teh following documents before July 11:
• Certificate of secondary education or a degree diploma
• Passport
• Notarized translations of your previous education document and passport
• Portfolio (including certificates and diplomas for participation in UdSU events and Olympiads)

Get enrolled

Acceptance dates:
• Budget places: conditional* acceptance starting from April 29
• Final acceptance not later than 09 August 2022
• Self-funded students only: until the end of September
*on condition of providing complete set of application documents not later than August 3!
The official Order for Admission will be published on this site after August 09.

Come to Russia

The academic year in Russia starts on 1 September. Plan your arrival in Izhevsk by the end of August.
Study very carefully the current migration regulations for entering the Russian Federation.
We will send you a checklist of important things to do upon arrival in Izhevsk.

fields and majors

IT and cybersecurity

Code, analyse data, protect

Fuel and power engineering

Fulfil yourself as power or fuel engineer

Create safe environment in cities and on enterprises
Natural sciences

Go the way from microbiology to cosmos

Economics, management and law

Build your business, develop companies, protect rights

Pedagogy and psychology

Know yourself, help others

Social sciences

From classical sciences to latest PR-technololgies

Culture and art

Choose creativity


Beat the world records

linguistics and Journalism

Study languages, be the master of words


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