Summer school "Russian Journey with UdSU"


08-20 August, 2022

Course overview

Who is it for?

Want to discover Russia? Get better understanding of Russian culture and way of thinking? Improve your Russian communicative skills? Then our summer school is definitely for you! Your occupation or major does not matter.

Age: 18+

What is it about?

Russian Journey is a two-week edutainment course which will brush and build up and Russian skills and introduce you to one of the most culturally diverse regions in Russia - Udmurtia.
Costs estimate

Course fee: 230 euros

Other fees*: accommodation from 8 euros; meal in a cafe - about 2.5 euros

*not included in the course fee, will vary depending on your needs


08-20 August 2022

Application deadline: 23 May 2022

Participation steps


4 hours of Russian classes in the morning + 2 hours of arts and crafts classes in the afternoon

4 ECTS points (80% class attendance + project work) or:

3 ECTS points (80% class attendance)


English and Russian

Langauge requirements:

English - B1 or higher

Russian: A0-B1

Course structure


Make sure to join our Q&A online sessions!!!

For the registered participantswe will hold 3 Q&A zoom-sessions to:
• get to know each other
• update you on various issues: visa, program details, fees, accommodation, etc.
• answer the questions you may have

Reserve the dates and the time:
1. April 28 (Thurs), 11:00 a.m. GMT
2. May 26 (Thurs), 11:00 a.m. GMT
3. June 28 (Tues), 11:00 a.m. GMT

You will get the conference link a day before the Q&A session at the e-mail address provided in the registration form.

Do not hesitate to get in touch at any time!

Can I take part if I have no prior knowledge of Russian?
Yes, absolutely. Russian-learning groups are formed according to the students' level. If you are a complete beginner you'll be placed in the group with other beginners.
How can I get Russian visa?
After you pay 40% of the Contract fee (via bank or e-transfer), we will prepare and send you an invitation with which you can apply for Russian visa at one of the Russian consulates in your country. Please, pay attention that in some cases (depending on your country of residence) the university cannot issue an invitation but has to apply to Russian Migration Authorities on your behalf. In such cases issuing Invitation involves extra costs (about 14 euros) and takes 20 working days.
Where will I stay in Izhevsk?

We do not tie you two a single option. You can stay either in the uni dorms or in one of the city hotels / hostels. We will provide you with a list of recommended accommodation options.

When should I arrive in Izhevsk?

We advise that you come 1-2 days before the course start date, e.g. 6th or 7th August.

How long can I stay in Russia?
We normally provide our summer school students with 2 extra weeks for travelling Russia.
How much will the programme cost me?
The Contract amount is 230 euros. This is the academic programme fee. You pay 40% before you come to us, and 60% upon arrival.
Cultural programme is about 25 euros. You pay as you take part in the events.
Accommodation prices range from 8 (uni dorms) to 45 euros (hotel) per person per day. The options we recommend start from 12 euros/night.
A meal in a cafe costs around 2.5 euro on average.
Can I pay with my bank card in Russia?
Visa and Master cards are widely accepted in stores, different facilities and even public transport in Russia. Make sure with your bank that your card is not blocked when you cross Russian border. Anyway, we advise to exchange some currency into rubles beforehand and always have some cash on you while in Russia.
How can I get to Izhevsk from Moscow?
By plane(2 hr.) or by train(17 hr.).
Does the university offer pick-up service?
No, but we can assign you a personal “buddy” (=UdSU student volunteer) who will meet you at the airport / railway station and take you to your accommodation.
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