The UdSU campus is located in the very centre of the city and has an excellent infrastructure.
The campus itself includes 7 academic buildings, library and 5 dorms, 2 of which are located within walking distance from the academic buildings. Inside the buildings there are canteens and cafes (1, 2, 6 buildings), swimming pool and gym (5 building), medical centre (7 building).
Practically on the campus you will find many cafes with cuisine for every taste, Zenith Stadium and skate park for sports, shady squares and boulevards where you can walk, relax and recharge your energy. Pharmacies, grocery and stationery shops, printing houses are located on almost every corner.
10 minutes on foot and you will find yourself on the Central Square of the city, you can visit the most famous museums and theatres, see the iconic monuments of Izhevsk and the Udmurt Republic.



All international students enrolled in UdSU on a full-time basis have a 100% guarantee of accommodation in the university dormitories.

Upon arrival in Izhevsk, a foreign student is directed to the UdSU International Education Centre (2nd building, 128 room). For settlement (after visiting the International Education Centre!) the student is directed to the Head of the Student Campus (226 Udmurtskaya st., 114 office) with the following documents:

  • Passport;
  • Migration card;
  • A valid VHI policy (issued by the InEC).
The Head of the Student Campus allocates the student with the correspondence of his/her department and directs him/her to the dormitory.

PLEASE NOTE: It is IMPOSSIBLE to get a referral to a dormitory in advance. Students receive it directly by visiting the campus.
The number of places in dormitories is 3000.


block type

Block dormitories are those dormitories whose rooms are combined into separate blocks (each block has two living rooms), each with its own bathroom and shower room. The kitchen is shared for the whole floor.

Cost: about 3100 roubles.

Corridor type

Corridor dormitories are those dormitories where all rooms are located along the corridor on both sides of the corridor. There are 2 kitchens and 2 sanitary blocks on each floor.

Cost: from 1100 roubles.




  • Photo 3*4 (4 pcs.);
  • Passport;
  • Scan of passport;
  • Migration card;
  • Scan of migration card;
  • Medical insurance (made in the Centre for International Education);
  • Health certificate form 084u or analogue (in Russian);
  • Certificate of vaccinations (in Russian).

  • Come to the International Education Center (2nd building, 128 office);
  • Come to the Head of the Student Campus (226 Udmurtskaya St., 114 office);
  • Receive a referral to live in a dorm;
  • To address to the administrator of the dorm for selection of a room for living;
  • Familiarise yourself with the rules of living and safety;
  • Sign the Accommodation Agreement;
  • Within 2 working days come to the Passport and Visa Work Sector (1 building 238 office) to receive migration registration. Bring with you: a certificate from the hostel about the accommodation, passport, scan of the passport, migration card, scan of the migration card, photo 3*4 (2 pcs.);
  • Upon receipt of the migration registration, provide the dorm administrator with a scan of the registration;
  • At the end of each month of residence to pay for the hostel at the cash desk of UdSU (1 building, 2nd floor).

    The fee for the use of living quarters in UdSU dormitories depends on the type and comfort level of the unit and varies from 1100 to 3100 rubles per month.
    The price for a place in the dormitory includes:

    • the cost of rent;
    • cost of utilities.
    Payment is made at the end of each month of stay at the UdSU cash desk (1 building, 2nd floor).


    Students living in the UdSU dormitory must:
    1. Pay for accommodation in the dormitory in a timely manner (before the 5th day of each month). You can get a receipt at the UDSU accounting office (1 building, 237 office).
    2. Use water, gas, electricity and heat energy economically.
    3. Take good care of your accommodation, sanitary and technical and other equipment, keep your room and common areas (lifts, corridors, rooms for independent work, etc.) clean;
    4. To clean their living rooms and the kitchen on a daily basis according to the established duty schedule (hanging in the kitchen, controlled by the head of the floor (block).
    5. Strictly follow the instructions for the use of household appliances.
    6. During the use of the rooms for independent study, gym, cafeteria to observe silence, not to disturb other residents.
    7. In case of damage or breakdown of the living room, sanitary and other equipment, which occurred through the fault of the resident, to reimburse the cost of repairing/purchasing the equipment.
    8. To provide the possibility of inspection of the living room by the administration of the dorm in order to control the observance of these Rules, to check the safety of the property, to carry out preventive and other types of work.
    9. If any faults are detected in the dormitory, immediately take all possible measures to eliminate them and report them to the head of the dormitory.
    10. From 11 pm to 7 am observe complete silence.
    11. Wash and dry laundry, clean carpets only in places determined by the administration of the hostel.

    It is forbidden:

    1. To move unauthorisedly from one room to another.
    2. It is forbidden to move things from one room to another, to fix and remodel electrical wiring and electrical repairs.
    3. Stick various posters on the walls of the living room and in the common areas (except for the notice board).
    4. Smoking in the dormitory premises and in the surrounding area (including hookahs).
    5. It is illegal to have unauthorised persons in the dormitory (or) to leave them overnight.
    6. Provide living space for other people, including those living in other rooms of the dormitory.
    7. To appear in the dormitory in a drunken state, to drink and store alcoholic beverages, beer and beverages made on its basis.
    8. Sell alcoholic beverages and drugs.
    9. Install additional locks/change locks on the front door to a room.
    10. Use open flame sources in the living accommodation.
    11. Store substances and objects that pollute the air in the living quarters and common areas, as well as clutter corridors, passageways, stairwells, emergency exits and other common areas.
    12. Bringing animals into the dormitory.
    13. Washing cars and other vehicles. Drain petrol and oil, adjust signals, brakes and engines.
    14. Bring large items out of the dormitory (unless authorised in writing by the Head of Housekeeping).


    What is available in the hostels: bed linen, furniture, laundry (washing machines, dryers).
    What you need to bring/buy: crockery (plate, spoon, fork, knife, mug, pan, pot), electric kettle (optional), towels, household chemicals, food.


    Foreign citizens are obliged to register for migration within 7 working days from the day of arrival in Russia. To do this, you need to bring the documents to the Passport and Visa Work Sector (Building 1, Room 238):
    • passport + a copy of the first spread;
    • migration card (which you receive when crossing the border of the Russian Federation) + a copy;
    • visa (for visa countries) + copy;
    • 2 photos 3*4 cm;
    • referral for admission to the dorm (in case of living in the university dorm);
    • tear-off coupon of registration at the place of residence (in case of residence at a private address).
    When returning from holidays or travelling around Russian cities with accommodation in hostels/hotels/hotels, it is necessary to RE-register.


    Foreign citizens can stay in the Russian Federation ONLY if they have a medical insurance policy valid on the territory of the Russian Federation (Federal Law No115-FZ of 25.07.2002, Federal Law No114 of 15.08.1996). It is advisable to obtain a voluntary medical insurance policy (VMI) before entering Russia. The staff of the International Education  Centre will help you to get a VHI policy upon arrival.

    • Insurance coverage of at least 500,000 roubles, validity period of 1 year, mandatory coverage of repatriation costs;
    • For violation - a fine from 5 to 7 thousand rubles and possible expulsion from the Russian Federation (Art. 18.8 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation);
    • Without a VHI policy, a foreign citizen can only be provided with emergency medical assistance (accident, injury, poisoning and other conditions requiring urgent medical intervention).

    Coming to Russia, it is necessary to carry a measles vaccination certificate. If you do not have it, you must get the vaccine in Russia.



    DORMITORY administrators

    1st dormMs. Leniza Ildusovna Sabirzyanova Udmurtskaya st., 226512-311
    2nd dormMs. Olga Aleksandrovna Burakovskaya Mayskaya st., 23723-975
    3rd dormMs. Lyubov Gerontievna Shumikhina 10 let Oktabrya st., 55А732-496
    4th dormMs. Vera Vasilyevna Morozova10 let Oktabrya st., 55Б732-289
    5th dormMs. Svetlana Mirkhalimovna ValeevaKrasnogeroiskaya st., 52916-481




    Whatsapp +79124514271